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Bike or Hike to Baguashan
from Sun Moon Farm

This easy 16km round-trip walk follows a quiet
country road just outside Taichung City.

This hike to Baguashan is a great alternative to the trails in Dakeng! It takes about the same amount of time to get there from downtown Taichung and it's surely not as crowded.

The Hike to Baguashan - In Brief...

  • The trail starts at Sun Moon Farm (Changhua County),
  • it's an easy walk on a paved road,
  • it's 8km from the farm to Baguashan,
  • allow at least 4 hours for the round-trip (16km),
  • lots of people prefer to bike it.

What's cool about this hike?

  • the nice bamboo trees,
  • the big cemeteries,
  • the old and dusty Chinese houses,
  • the views over Changhua city,
  • well marked,
  • the giant buddha at the end!

What's less cool about it?

  • some (very few) blue trucks and scooters ride it,
  • that's it!

Getting There from Taichung

By car: Drive south on Hwy #74, pass Wurih Township, and go up the hill after passing Kuaiguan Interchange. Look for a small windmill on your right, at the top of the hill - that's Sun Moon Farm. Turn right and park there, by the farm entrance.

Note! Highway 74 is the one that goes along Freeway #1, (above Huanzhong Rd) in the western part of Taichung. Easy to see on my map!

baguashan taiwan

By Scooter:
From Starbucks on the corner of Wenxin and Nantun Rd (the circle one), drive south on Wenxin, all the way to Fuxing Rd, where you will turn right.

Ride until you reach Huanzhong Rd, turn left and then right on Huanhe Rd. Cross the big red bridge, then turn left on Hwy 74.

Ride all the way to the top of the hill. Look for the windmill on your right.

red bridge taiwan

Check out the GOOGLE MAP I made for you! You'll see the trail very clearly as well as the way to get there from Taichung.

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