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Taichung's Happy Buddha

Milefo, the 27-meter-high pot-bellied happy Buddha is one of the largest and fattest image of the saint you'll find in the world.

You can see the happy Buddha's statue at Baojue Temple on the northern edge of Taichung City.

happy buddha

The building next to Milefo keeps thousands of cremation urns and that's the reason why the atmosphere isn't as festive as at other temples around the city.

happy buddha taichung

The temple by the happy Buddha was undergoing a major facelift at the time of writing.

baojue temple taichung milefo

Tips for photographers: Underexpose 2/3 of a stop so the statue's gleaming surface doesn't appear too bright on your pictures.

Open from Monday to Sunday, 8am to 5pm
140 Jianxing St, North District
6,14,16,17 from Taichung train station

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