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My Favorite Guesthouse in
Kenting, Taiwan

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On this page, I’ll show you what is my ultimate favourite guesthouse in Kenting, in the southernmost part of Taiwan.

I have visited Kenting about 50 times since the year 2000, and I have stayed at many different types of accommodations from camping to high-end luxurious resorts, and from cheap B&B to chic boutique hotels. I don’t really have a preference to the kind of place I stay - it’s usually just a matter of booking what’s available at the time, or following my wife…

The guesthouse I want to introduce here is called Relax Easy! The name couldn’t be better! It is a truly amazing place to relax and take it easy. taiwan friends

Relax Easy Guesthouse is actually located a bit further down south from Kenting Village, on the East Coast of Taiwan, in a very quiet and serene spot, by a small harbour. If you travel to Kenting to party like an animal all night at one of the bars and clubs in hectic Kenting town, this place is not for you. If you wanna enjoy the nightlife and a couple of drinks, you should consider staying at one of the many hotels along the main street in the town, where the action is.
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This website lists the best hotels in Kenting, Taiwan. I highly recommend that you make a reservation in advance wherever you decide to stay, because all the accommodations are usually fully booked especially on weekends and holidays.
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What I like about this Guesthouse in Kenting

First, I like the fact that it’s really quiet and that it has a wonderful open view of the ocean. Most places in Kenting that offer a real sea view are by the busy main road, so it’s never quiet and you barely hear the sea, or get to smell the fresh ocean breeze. At Relax Easy, there is a vast yard that extends all the way to the ocean. The road is behind the guesthouse, a bit higher, so you don’t hear noise from vehicles. kenting travel

I like to BBQ a lot and I can spend entire afternoons / evenings in front of my Cobb grill, roasting fish and veggies and drink wine with my wife and friends. Relax Easy is one of the best spots on the whole island to BBQ. Wow! Quite a statement! But it’s true. There are big wooden patio tables right outside on the yard where you can cook your food, a kitchen inside to wash, prep, and store everything. They also have BBQ equipment you can use if you don’t have your own stuff. relax easy guesthouse kenting

The communal spaces inside are warm, practical, and clean. It’s a wonderful place to meet fellow travellers, exchange stories, practice your Chinese, or read a book. At night the place turns even more quiet, the lights dim, people are in their world, writing their travel experiences, chatting quietly under the stars, drink in hand. There are two living rooms, one downstairs and one upstairs. Both have big open windows that face the ocean. hotels kenting

There is a huge balcony upstairs, outside the living room where you can find even more tranquility. The dining room on the first floor can accommodate about 20 people. There is a computer you can use to surf the net or check your mail if you don’t have a smartphone. They also provide free Wifi.

Another thing I really appreciate at this guesthouse is the big, free parking lot right behind the hotel. kenting holiday

The Rooms at Relax Easy

We stayed in a Japanese style room which had 5 comfortable mattresses on an elevated wooden platform. Our room originally had 4, but we asked for one extra mattress and they put one more, and charged us a very reasonable fee for that. The room, the sheets, and the attached bathroom were extremely clean. The AC was quiet and worked just fine. The cost of our room included breakfast.

The other rooms seemed big and comfortable as well. They also have 2 dorm rooms.

Here are the prices for rooms:
Double: 1600NT$ weekdays, 1800NT$ weekends
4 people: 2400NT$ weekdays, 3000NT$ weekends
Dorm bed: 600NT$ per person on weekdays, 700NT$ on weekends

kenting party
This was our room. It was simple, but really comfortable!

Getting To Relax Easy Guesthouse in Kenting

Getting there is very easy - IF you have your own wheels. From Kenting town, you just head down south on the main road, all the way to the southern tip of Taiwan, and then you follow the signs for Jia Le Shui. Relax Easy Guesthouse is a couple hundred meters before the bridge that gets you to Jialeshui. It’s right next to the little harbour. It takes about 25 minutes to drive or ride there from Kenting.

Alternatively, you can take countryside road 200 from the town of Hengchun. After about 5 minutes of driving through beautiful scenery of rice fields and mountains, you take a right onto Gangkou Road all the way to Road 26. Turn right on that road and drive 1km heading south and you will see the harbour to your left. Relax Easy Guesthouse is right after the harbour.

I wish you a wonderful stay at Relax Easy Guesthouse in Kenting!

Address: 21 Xing Hai Road, Manzhou, Pingtung County
Phone Number: 0971-249-939 / 886-971-249-939

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