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Mt. Guanshan, 3668m

Hike beautiful Mt. Guanshan and witness some of
Taiwan's most dramatic mountain views!



Located along Taiwan's South-Cross Island Highway and standing at 3668m, Mt. Guanshan is the area's tallest peak. The trail offers a highly pleasant overnight trip through lush woods and alpine terrain.


guanshan mapAt A Glance

Length: 9.2km round trip

Height gain: 1288m

Type: out and back

Difficulty: moderate

Hiking Time: 2 days

Sleeping: cabin/camping

Water source: no

Note: You can complete this excursion in a single day if you're in good shape.

Trail Description

From the trailhead, 2380m

The path takes you up a series of wooden/gravel steps all the way to Kuhanuoxin Cabin at 3115m. Some of these steps are at an angle and become very slippery when they're wet. Take your time. In humid conditions, this part of the trail could actually be one of the most dangerous. Especially on the way down, when your legs are tired.

hiking taiwan guanshan

Kuhanuoxin Cabin, 3115m

It will take you about 2.5 hours to reach Kuhanuoxin Cabin if you carry a big pack. The cabin itself is all right. Nothing special. It's a basic shack. A shelter. What is notable is the setting. Wow! It is remarkable. From there, you get stunning views of imposing Mt. Guanshan and the surrounding peaks.

guanshan cabin

Meet The Grinch...

When my friend Mathieu and I got to the cabin, an unpleasant surprise was waiting for us. The cabin attendant (park ranger) and some other Taiwanese dudes jumped on us: "Do you have a permit? Show me your paper! Paper, authorization, documents... I want to see your paper NOW!"

taiwan ranger

We had both mountain and national park permits, but no overnight authorization. "You have to go back!" He wanted us out of the mountain... The poor man didn't expect the kind of counter attack we gave him. Mathieu and I were gonna start a riot. We kind of freaked everybody out. It worked... We stayed.

climbing in taiwan

We were lucky enough to get the first snow of the year the day we went. People on the trail, were warning us: "Don't go to the summit. It's way too dangerous. Snow...ice...slippery...you'll fall... Dont go!" It had snowed about 1cm.

The campsite by the cabin

If you want to travel light and fast or don't want to carry a tent, staying at the hut is your best option. But if you don't feel like listening to a chorus of snorers, know that there's a cool camping spot about 30m past the shack.

guanshan campsite

After the cabin

Get an early start if you want to be back to the road before dark. The following stretch of trail starts revealing more difficulties... Steep sections (near vertical) where you ascend using fixed-ropes. Narrow passages along exposed faces. Nothing too hair-rising though.

guanshan hiking tree

The summit

It's about 4.5 hours from the cabin to the summit of Mt. Guanshan. The last part is along a soft ridge that takes you past two false summits. If you're blessed with good weather like we were, you'll get to contemplate the famous sea of clouds.

Getting to the Trail

The trailhead is 4km east of Tianchih, along the Southern Cross-Island Highway. It's at the bottom of a gully and is very easy to see.

Tainan - Meishankou by bus: Hsingnan Motor Transport Company on Zhongshan Rd has four buses/day; 6 hours; NT$320. Hitchhike or walk to the trailhead. It's very easy to get a ride.


Park Entrance Permit: If you don't intend to spend the night on the trail, then you can apply at Yushan National Park Office in Meishankou, a village about 25km west of Tianchih. Apply online, at least 7 days in advance, for an overnight permit. You need to show a passport photocopy. Free. They open at 8:00am.

Mountain Permit: Apply at the police station in Meishankou. NT$10. They'll want to see your Park Entrance Permit first.

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