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Getting to Taiwan

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Getting to Taiwan by Plane

Because Formosa is an island, you will most likely be getting to Taiwan by plane. If you happen to be in Japan or East China, there are various ferries that will make some longer, cheaper trips for you. However, since nearly everyone reading this website will be traveling by air, we'll discuss that here.

Taiwan International Airports

Taiwan has two international airports - Taoyuan International Airport (previously known as Chiang-Kai Shek International Airport) and Kaoshiung International Airport. The latter offers mostly regional flights to Asian countries, and will get you to Taiwan from Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and others.

Taoyuan International Airport

Most international travelers coming from non-Asian destinations will fly into Taoyuan International Airport, which offers services to most of the planet. Keep in mind that Taoyuan Airport is not in Taipei proper, but about 40 kilometers away. Taipei can be easily accessed from the airport by way of shuttle buses and taxis.

Taoyuan International Airport is a really comfortable experience. It's small and hassle-free, unlike airports in most other big cities.

Flights to Taiwan

Most of the cheaper flights will not be direct, with brief connections in Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore or Hong Kong. Direct flights exist from some North American cities, particularly on the west coast. These are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Anchorage, Vancouver and Toronto. From Europe, flights are direct from London, Paris and Frankfurt. For Australians, Brisbane and Sydney both have direct flights.

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Taiwanese Airlines

Intercontinental flights are picked up by a number of different carriers. EVA Air is a relatively new Taiwanese airline that offers quite a few international flights, as well as China Airlines. Don't be surprised if you get a "multiple carriers" flight where you'll need to switch airlines at one of the big Asian hubs.

I hope you'll be getting to Taiwan safely and that you'll enjoy your time here.

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