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List of Towns and Cities in Taiwan

cities in taiwanThis is a list of villages, towns and cities in Taiwan that are featured on this website. I've also included the five little islands that are located around the Taiwanese mainland in the Taiwan Strait and Pacific Ocean.

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Information About Taiwanese Cities

Most big cities on Formosa are located on the vast plain of the west coast and in the northern part of the island around Taipei.

The east coast of Taiwan is very rugged and there is not much space for development between the steep cliffs of Taiwan's Central Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean, so that's why there aren't that many big cities in that area.

Here is an alphabetical list of towns, villages,
and cities in Taiwan:

Questions I often get about Cities in Taiwan

What's the best city in Taiwan to visit temples and ancient Chinese culture?

There are many places in Taiwan where you can see very old temples and genuine Taiwanese / Chinese traditions, but I guess that if I had to pick two, I'd choose Tainan and Lugang. Taipei also has lots of nice Chinese temples.

I'm into museums. Which Taiwanese city has the best ones?

Taipei, undoubtedly! Taipei City has some of the best museums I've been to in Asia. The National Palace Museum has the biggest Chinese artifacts collection in the world. Other interesting museums in Taipei City are the Fine Art Museum and the National Museum of History.

I'd like to move to Taiwan to teach English (or study Chinese), I was wondering what's the best city in Taiwan to work?

Tough one... Weather-wise, you can't beat Taichung. For jobs, Taipei is great, but if it's the outdoors that make you happy, Hualien might be better.

Which cities in Taiwan are close to the beach?

Hualien, Fulong, Kaohsiung, Keelung, Kenting, Ilan, Taitung, and Dulan are all very close to the ocean.