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Chinese Year of the Rabbit

The Rabbit Year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar

2011 is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

It is a metal year. Rabbit people were born (check for accuracy if your birthday is in January or February) in 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, or 2011. "Metal" is one of the five Chinese elements, water, metal, fire, earth, and air, and modifies the characteristics of the rabbit personality and the year in which it falls.

The metal rabbit or rabbit year is a little "sharper" than the other rabbits, these people being a little more aggressive and perhaps colder than the others, but the same general characteristics still apply.

Because the Chinese sign of the rabbit indicates peace, tranquility, successful negotiation and diplomacy, 2011 should be a much calmer year that last year, which was the Year of the Tiger. This should be a year of making peace, avoiding causing too much negative excitement, avoiding anger.

Because rabbits are natural peace makers, the overall picture of events should be much less "exciting" than last.

Rabbits are good at business dealings, especially those needing finesse, so this will be a good year for new business creation, especially in relation to creative business partnerships.

Other people under the compatible animal signs of the Pig, Dog, and Sheep will also have good years in situating themselves in business, personal happiness, and in artistic endeavors, since the rabbit is especially talented in art, with a keen eye for line and color. It should be a good year for fashion designers.

Intuition is important this Chinese Year of the Rabbit, and since peace should govern, this is a year in which one should think and feel and act cautiously before making abrupt changes in personal dealings. Healing relationships and forgiving are of central importance as well.

Some signs are likely to have trouble in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, though, including the Rooster. Because roosters are argumentative and like a fuss, they will often not fare as well in this time. If you were born in the Year of the Rooster, you'd do best to try to curb your natural tendencies toward aggressiveness.

But if you were born in another animal's metal year, 2011 should be a positive thing for you. It's also good for people born in water years, but less good for wood and fire.

To have the very best Chinese Year of the Rabbit as possible, focus on home and family, especially women and children.  Aim to deal peacefully with any problems that should arise. Rather than forcing things to a conclusion, allow them to calmly move forward through gentle negotiation. Otherwise potential challenges are likely to fail.

This Chinese Year of the Rabbit is supposed to be more magical and very good for bringing wishes to fruition. A good plan for anyone would be trying to fulfill some of those long-held dreams and wishes and not wait around for the next Rabbit Year in the twelve year cycle!

Enjoy yourself peacefully in this Chinese Year of the Rabbit. May you and your family and friends enjoy it to the fullest!

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