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The Most Beautiful Chinese Temples
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30 Pictures of Temples in Taiwan

chinese buddha statue
Giant statue of a Chinese Buddha at Baguashan, in Changhua City, in Central Taiwan. Changhua is not the coolest Taiwanese city to travel to, but visiting the Baguashan area is worth an entire afternoon.

Chinese temples are all over the place in Taiwan and visiting them is high on the list of things to do on Formosa.

Since moving to Taiwan in 2000, I must have visited more than 200 temples and until today, I still enjoy to walk around these unique, historic places, camera in hand, on the lookout for visual treasures and special moments.

I love everything about temples in Taiwan - the smell of incense, the paintings, calligraphy, statues, dragons, gods, ceremonies, offerings, prayers...

Some people estimate the number of temples in Taiwan to be close to 80,000!

I hope you will enjoy this collection of 30 pictures of temples in Taiwan!

ancient chinese temple
An image of the Chinese Godess Matsu at the great Mazu Temple, in Lugang City, in Central Taiwan.

chinese buddhist temple
A bright, orange temple on Green island, near Taitung on Taiwan's beautiful and wild East Coast.


chinese buddhist temples
This Confucius temple is located in downtown Tainan and the area around it is worth visiting. There's a very relaxing park in front of the main gate where Taiwanese people - young and old - paint, play ball, walk, practice Taichi, and drink tea.


taiwanese temple
Zhong Tai Chan Temple in Puli, Taiwan. Great stuff to see inside, but requires a lot of preparations like calling the temple administration to book time to visit the special rooms, sculptures, and paintings that this "shrine" offers. This temple was built by the same architect who built the Taipei 101 Tower in Taipei City.


taiwanese temple
Wenwu Temple next to Sun Moon Lake, in Nantou County. Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan's biggest lake and it's a great destination to hike and cycle. There are 3 ancient Chinese temples around the lake, but this one is my favorite. You get a spectacular view over the lake from the temple.

taiwan temple
A small Confucius Chinese temple in Puli City.


temple in taiwanFoguangshan is a buddhist temple (monastery) located 30 minutes away from Kaohsiung City, in Southern Taiwan. It is the biggest temple in Taiwan. The tall statues of Chinese gods inside are exquisite!

chinese monastery
Picture of a temple in Fengyuan (Fongyuan), near Taichung City.


picture chinese temple
Image of a tiny temple on Green Island.


picture taiwanese temple
Wenkai Academy in Lugang, Central Taiwan


lugang temple taiwanCity God Temple in Tainan City

tainan temple taiwan
The first Chinese temple I visited in Taiwan: The vast Confucius Temple of Taichung.


taichung temple taiwanKoshinga Shrine, Tainan City


tainan travel taiwan
A Chinese temple in Changhua County.


changhua travel taiwan
A Taoist (Dao) temple in Caotun.


taoist temple china
Chinese temple in Yunlin County.


changhua county travelColorful sculptures and paintings of temples and traditional Chinese houses


chinese art painting
Longshan Temple in Taipei City


taipei temples taiwan
Chinese temple on Little Liu Qiu Island (Xiao Liuqiu)


chinese temple architecture
Old Chinese temple, near the city of Magong, on Penghu Island.


old chinese architecture
Confucius Temple at Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung City


Dajia's famous Mazu Temple


dajia temple taiwan
Taipei's Confucius Temple


taipei tourism travel
A Chinese temple in Jiufen


taiwan chinese temple
Qingshui Zushi Temple in Sanxia.


sanxia chinese temple
Scary-looking "god protectors" are common in Chinese temples.


ancient chinese god
Changhua's Confucius Temple


ancient chinese temple
Longshan Temple, Lugang


picture of china temple
Picture of a Chinese dragon on a temple

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