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Chinese Symbol for Desire

Download this Chinese Character for Desire for your next Chinese Tattoo Design for FREE!

chinese tattoo symbol for Desire

Note: This is the traditional Chinese symbol for Desire.

Feel free to download this image of the
Chinese word for Desire for a Chinese tattoo.

Download this Chinese Tattoo Design for Free!

Downloading this Chinese sign for Desire is super easy: Simply right click on the Chinese symbol and choose "save image as" or "download image". That's it! Print the picture out and bring it to your favorite tattoo studio where they'll blow it up the exact size you want it to be!

Free Desire Chinese Tattoo Translation

Maybe you've seen a nice design of a Chinese tattoo in a book or on the net, but you're not sure of its exact meaning. Take a picture of it and send it to me here. I'll be more than happy to do a Chinese tattoo translation for free! Really, it'll only take me a minute!

Let me know if you're unable to download this picture of the Chinese symbol for Desire.

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