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The 12 Chinese Horoscope Signs

chinese fortune teller, medium
A Chinese fortune teller waits for clients at a night market in Taipei, Taiwan.

On this page, you'll find a list of the 12 Chinese horoscope signs as well as a brief description of each zodiac sign's characteristics. The Chinese zodiac is based on the Lunar Calendar (also called Chinese calendar or Zodiac Calendar). The Chinese Lunar calendar has 12 months of 29 or 30 days.

Even though industrialization and modern scientific thinking has been shaping life in Taiwan for decades, Chinese people on the island still put a lot of importance on the influence of the Zodiac and the 12 Chinese horoscope signs.

chinese zodiac fortune teller
A Chinese fortune teller writes on a Taiwanese boy's hand in Guanziling, southern Taiwan.

Taiwanese always consult ancient almanacs and Chinese fortune tellers before important events such as births, weddings, funerals, moving into a new house, or opening a business. And people's Chinese horoscope signs are always taken into consideration.

The Chinese zodiac (Chinese astrology) is subtle and complex - only experienced Chinese mediums master it perfectly. However, Chinese people from around the world follow its principles.

So here they are... the 12 Chinese Horoscope Signs:

Chinese Zodiac Sign: The Rat

chinese horoscope sign ratCharming, the rat knows how to attract the opposite sex. He is also a hard-working person who places a lot of importance on saving money. The rat prefers to keep. He doesn't like to lend. If the rat has to spend, it's gonna be on himself first. He's only generous with love. Timid and reserved, the rat is very capable of anger. He is frank, honest, but he still loves to gossip.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: The Ox

chinese horoscope sign oxCalm and tranquil, the ox inspires trust, but his bad temper and inconsistency often make him lose patience. The ox is eloquent, persuasive and good with his hands. He is also quite stubborn and rarely expresses passion in his relationships. The ox in the Chinese zodiac has a tendency to keep distances from his family.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: The Tiger

chinese horoscope sign tigerTigers in the Chinese zodiac are courageous and powerful. They inspire respect and reject authority. Tigers are big dreamers. They are extremely sensitive and are always ready to show affection to family members and friends. It is said that they ward off thieves, fire and ghosts!

Chinese Horoscope Sign: The Rabbit

chinese horoscope sign rabbitIn the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is believed to be extremely talented and to have good taste. We can count on the rabbit when doing business because he is honest and lucky. He is tender with the people he loves, but he keeps his distances from his family. Sometimes arrogant and moody, the rabbit lives a tranquil and prosperous life.

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Chinese Horoscope Sign: The Dragon

chinese horoscope sign dragonIn the Chinese zodiac, dragons are energetic, robust and stubborn. They are honest and courageous, and they inspire trust. People admire them. They know how to get what they want. One of their biggest fears is to not be loved. It is the most eccentric sign of the Chinese horoscope.

Chinese Horoscope Sign: The Snake

chinese horoscope sign zodiac snakeSnakes in the Chinese horoscope are serious and introvert. People don't trust them easily and they can't communicate very well. Snakes are said to be wise and philosophical, but many think they are also very egoistic. Snakes are always willing to help the less fortunate. Money isn't a problem for them. They prefer to listen to their own judgement. They rarely accept other people's advice.

Chinese Horoscope Sign: The Horse

hinese zodiac sign horseHorses in the Chinese zodiac are optimistic, intuitive, sure of themselves, sociable and talkative. Attractive and intelligent, they are often at the mercy of the opposite sex. Horses can manage their money quite well and they are very efficient at work. Horses love freedom and they seldom stay at home.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: The Sheep

In the Chinese horoscope, sheep are honest, generous, and they know how to show sympathy with those who are hit by bad luck. They show good taste and have greatly developed artistic talents. Thoughtful and compassionate, sheep can easily be distracted by little insignificant events. The sheep is the most irritable sign in the Chinese horoscope.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: The Monkey

chinese horoscope zodiac monkeyMonkeys are tremendously inventive, original, and intelligent. They are capable of solving complex problems. Monkeys love to be the center of attention - they crave recognition and seldom respect their peers. They usually succeed in their undertakings and are good at attracting and saving money. Rabbits are respected because they have a remarkable capacity to learn new things.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: The Rooster

rooster chinese horoscope astrology zodiacRoosters are sociable, brave, and competent. They love to start tons of projects at the same time, but rarely finish them. Eccentric, and nonconformist, roosters in the Chinese zodiac have very changeable ideas. They are outwardly confident and are very proud of who they are.

Chinese Horoscope Sign: The Dog

chinese zodiac astrology horoscope sign dogIn the Chinese zodiac, the dog has a giving, compassionate personality. He is loyal and honest, and has a great sense of justice. The dog isn't the healthiest element of the Chinese zodiac. He is said to be tough with people around him and he usually pays more attention to his own needs. He likes to finish what he starts. He is the most trustworthy sign of the traditional Chinese horoscope.

Chinese Horoscope Sign: The Pig

chinese astrology zodiac horoscope sign pigPeople born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the pig know how to enjoy life. They are fun, honest, and thoughtful. They will do just about anything to help their friends if they are in need. Pigs are outspoken, confident, and extroverted. They have a tendency to be lazy and to spend money on useless things.

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