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Chinese Five Elements

This article about the Five Chinese Elements was submitted by one of Taiwanese Secrets' visitors.

The Ancient Chinese had a very good understanding of how the natural world worked. They were at the cutting edge of scientific knowledge at this period in history. They created the Chinese five elements system, which consisted of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

The Chinese five elements was a system designed to accurately describe relationships between events. The five elements were used in many different areas, including Chinese medicine, martial arts, developing strategies for military campaigns and even composing music. No matter what the topic was, the Chinese would try to use the five elements to get a better understanding and find the best solution.

The five elements are even still used by some traditional Chinese medicine doctors and also in martial arts. Some people find that this system still works today, even with our better scientific understanding and knowledge.


The Chinese believed that these five elements existed in harmony. When they were balanced you were healthy. However, if they were out of balance then you would find your health suffers. This could manifest in yourself in stress, anxiety, or simply not having enough time to do everything you need to.

If these five Chinese elements are unbalanced then you will quite often find that you will try to fix it yourself by using alcohol, taking medications, or eating too much. By balancing these elements you will be able to make yourself feel much better and healthier without needing to rely on other medications or treatment options.

Many people have discovered that by correctly balancing all of the elements, it is possible to avoid the need for prescription western medicines which may actually be causing you more harm than good.

Overall Health

The five Chinese elements affect the health of your entire body. It will also affect the health of you spirit and mind. If you are unbalanced in one element then this can affect your entire life and even how you go about everything.

Life Choices

The Chinese five elements aren't just important for improving your health. They can also be used with studies such as Feng Shui to organize your home. Feng Shui uses a special compass and then charting the character of the space to find out whether or not the elements are in balance.

This allows the space to be changed so that all of the 5 elements are in balance. This will make everyone living in the space much happier and less likely to argue.


Many people ridicule the concept of the Chinese five elements. However, the Ancient Chinese did know an awful lot about the environment they were living in. These systems were used for thousands of years and so must have been of some use.