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Chinese Dragon Art

10 Images of Chinese Dragons

Chinese dragon art can be seen in many places around Taiwan, China, and other countries where Chinese communities exist.

I've had a passion for Chinese dragons drawings, paintings, and sculptures since 1999, the year I traveled to Asia for the first time.

I have taken hundreds of photos of Chinese dragons and I have an extensive collection of images of Chinese dragon art on this website.

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Chinese Dragon Art 1chinese dragon art
Colorful dragons like this one can be seen on top of Chinese temples all over Taiwan.

Chinese Dragon Drawing 2chinese dragons art
Picture of a fat dragon in front of Matsu Temple, on Penghu Island, in the Taiwan Strait.

Chinese Dragon Art 3Chinese Dragon Arts
I was told that in ancient Chinese culture, people who could carve or paint dragons and other religious symbols like Chinese gods and demons were as respected as teachers.


Chinese Dragon Drawing 4Chinese Dragon picture art
This kind of dragon painting is mostly found in front of Chinese opera stages, or on the side of vehicles that carry objects used in traditional Chinese parades.


Chinese Dragon Drawing 5Chinese Dragon Art photo

Chinese Dragon Art 6Chinese Dragon Art image
I will never get tired of taking pictures of dragons. They are perfect subjects for people who are interested in practicing portrait photography. If you plan on taking photos of dragons or other objects in Chinese temples, you should bring a tripod (unless your camera can shoot at very high iso), because most temples are very dark. If you take a picture of a dragon that is sculpted or carved on a shiny surface like this one, underexpose at least 2/3 so you don't get harsh highlights (usually on the nose or forehead).

Chinese Dragon Image 7Chinese Dragon Art gallery


Chinese Dragon Painting 8Chinese Dragon Art in taiwan


Chinese Dragon Art 9Chinese Dragon Art in China


Chinese Dragon Art 10Art Chinese Dragon

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