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Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe

Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe


The best Chinese bbq pork recipe you'll ever find is right here on this page!

I have been traveling around countries where Chinese people have lived for centuries / decades for more than 12 years looking for food ideas and recipes such as the famous Chinese barbecued pork.

I am passionate about Chinese food and Chinese recipes and this one is without a doubt one of my all time favorites!

I've been looking for the best Chinese bbq pork recipe for a while and I have never found what I was looking for... Until I traveled to Wulai Village in Taiwan, where I walked by a giant BBQ roasted pig that was on a table in front of a convenience store.

I ate a few bites... and I knew I had found the perfect Chinese BBQ pork recipe!

I asked the girl who was cooking the pig what her secret recipe / technique was and she told me:

  • Burn the hair with a torch.

  • Place the pig on a giant grill and cook for about 6 hours. Turn the pig every 30 minutes.

  • When no more oil drip from the hog, it's a sign that the meat is well cooked.

  • The traditional Chinese way to bbq pork is to only add salt on the pig's skin as it cooks on the grill.

  • Nowadays, Chinese people use all kinds of variations to this Chinese bbq pork recipe such as stuffing the pig with spices or marinate it with strong rice wine.

chinese bbq pork recipe

I asked the woman: "How do you know when it's ready?" She said, "when the skin is as crisp as a potato chips, it's ready."

This Chinese bbq pork recipe comes from Taiwan and it is the real deal. I've tasted other recipes of barbecued pork in other countries around Asia and none came close to taste as good as this one.

Let me know how you like this Chinese BBQ pork recipe.

Bon appetit!

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