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Chinese Astrology Signs Compatibility

Chinese Astrology Signs Compatibility

The Chinese birth chart system has been used ever since ancient times for many different purposes. It has been used to predict the gender of a child before birth, your future, and of course compatibility. Many people think that learning about Chinese astrology signs compatibility might make it possible for you to find your one true love.

Facts about the Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatibility

You might want to know which Chinese birth signs you are most compatible with. This will make it easier to find someone who you get on with and want to spend the rest of your life with.

By learning about this useful Chinese astrology signs compatibility you will be much more likely to make the correct choices when dating and choosing who to see. You will also be able to learn a lot about yourself and your partner by studying the Chinese birth signs. All you need to know is the year you and your partner was born in to look at this.

Chinese Animal Years

The Chinese zodiac (horoscope) is a 12 year cycle with the animal changing every year. The animals are Rat, Rooster, Ox, Goat, Dog, Snake, Horse, Tiger, Dragon, Monkey, Rabbit and Pig. At the end of the cycle, the whole Chinese Zodiac cycle will repeat again.

The ancient Chinese believed that depending on the year of your birth, you would have a different personality and different traits. This means that the characteristics are important for your love traits. By knowing this information it is possible to predict your compatibility and find out who you might be suitable for.


Not all Chinese star signs are compatible; some of them will have disastrous consequences when mixed together. Other star signs though work very well together and are very peaceful. This means that it will lead to a very good and strong relationship.

Tigers and Dragons for example do not mix very well together. These cause a lot of arguments and will almost certainly result in fights between the people in the relationship. This is because both of these signs are leadership signs and both are said to be stubborn. This will make it very difficult for the two signs to get on with one another.

However, if you are a tiger then you are compatible with dogs or rabbits. This is because these signs will complement each other and work well together rather than trying to fight against one another.

Learning about Chinese astrology compatibility signs will make it much easier for you to understand which star signs work well together and which ones simply aren't compatible. This will make it possible to learn which signs you should concentrate on and which ones you should avoid.

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