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Chinese Astrology Birth Chart

On this page you'll find information about the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart

What is the Astrology Birth Chart in Chinese Culture?

A Chinese astrology birth chart is important if you want to learn how to predict what your future has in store for you. A birth chart will be able to help you understand the Chinese zodiac system and determine which animal sign you are. Chinese astrology has a history dating back many centuries and it is now very popular throughout the world.

Does the Chinese astrology birth chart work?

Many people are skeptical about Chinese star signs and horoscopes because they are thought not to work However; there is actually a small amount of truth in these. You might be able to learn something interesting about yourself by studying a Chinese astrology birth chart.

It might even be possible to predict what will happen in your life. To use the Chinese birth chart you will need to know information about the location, date and year of your birth. With all this information you can then use the birth chart to learn more about yourself.

Types of birth chart

Traditional Chinese astrology birth charts are very complicated and difficult to understand. However, it is possible to have a specially drawn birth chart which is much easier for westerner to follow and understand. These will be written in English which makes it possible for anyone to read them without needing to learn Chinese first.

Chinese birth chart

The Chinese birth chart is different to the European charts. These use animal systems with the cycle split into 12 years. Just because you choose to believe the Chinese astrology birth chart, it doesn't mean that you have to abandon the European system too. You can believe in both of them as you might be able to find some truth in both of them.


All birth charts are not designed to predict your exact future. Rather they are used to give you some warning and help give you some pointers. These can show you how you should control your life and also give you the ability to get to know your hidden personality traits so that you can understand yourself much better.


The Chinese zodiac birth chart was developed over a millennium ago. This was a very unique system which later inspired European astrology systems. The original copy of the birth chart was discovered in a tomb which was near Beijing, in China. Although the exact date of creation is unknown, it is a very ancient system.

Discovering sex with the Chinese horoscope birth chart

The main use for the birth chart during ancient times was to discover the sex of a baby before birth. This used the mother's age and the month the baby was conceived. There remains little evidence of how well this worked.

The Ancient Chinese had a much better understanding of the astrological world than we do today. So it's not completely unfeasible to suggest that these systems do work while many people are disappointed with the results, this is likely to be because they do not know how to correctly decipher the chart to find the actual answers.

As this system remained in use for such a long time, it must somehow have been successful.

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