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Cheap Flights to Taipei

The first place you should check if you're looking for cheap flights to Taipei City, in Taiwan, is CheapoAir.com. They have the most affordable airfares for Taipei and their system is reliable and easy to use. This is the website I use all the time and I've always been satisfied.

Things to consider when looking for cheap flights to Taipei

You should know that the main international airport in Taiwan is called Taoyuan International Airport and it is located some 40km south of Taipei City.

The other big airport located in Taipei City is Songshan Airport. That airport has flights to domestic Taiwanese destinations mostly, but it's also starting to serve destinations in East Asia like Tokyo and Shanghai.

Book your air ticket to Taipei in advance!

Book your tickets in advance if you want to find cheap flights to Taipei. Unless you're ready to wait at the airport for a stand-by seat, you're not going to get a deal on a last-minute purchase. I tried a couple of times to get stand-by tickets for Taipei from Bangkok and Hong Kong, and all I ended-up getting was an uncomfortable night on the floor at the airport and being kicked around by airport security officials.

Don't travel during a holiday!

Cheap flights to Taipei or other Taiwanese destinations are almost impossible to get during the big holidays in Taiwan such as Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival. Why? Because many Taiwanese who live overseas travel back to Taiwan on holidays to be with their families.

Don't travel on weekends!

Most Taiwanese don't have vacation time from work like we do in the west, so they're willing to take 2 to 3-day weekend trips to countries around Asia. A cheap ticket to Taipei can be found on weekends, but you'll have to shop (and book your flight) well in advance of your departure date.

One more tip, for a much better seat!

I always ask for an emergency exit seat.

Those seats have much more leg room and they don't cost more. The key to getting an emergency exit seat is to get to the airport 2 to 3 hours before boarding time. If you're the first one in line at the check-in counter, you're almost assured to get one of those seats that are way more comfortable than normal economy-class seats.

Good luck in your search for a cheap flight to Taipei City, in Taiwan!

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