Changhua City, Taiwan

Home of the greatest Buddha Statue on the island!

Changhua should only be on your list if you have extra time to spare during your trip in Taiwan, or if you really want to check out the tall Buddha statue on Baguashan. Why? Because the city doesn't enjoy such a vast choice of attractions like Tainan or Lugang. Still, there are some compelling sites around town and a few culinary specialties worth trying.

Other spellings: Chang-Hua, Chang Hua, Zhanghua

Changhua is written 彰化 in Mandarin Chinese.

All the attractions, restaurants, and temples listed on this page can be found on the map at the bottom of this article.

You will most likely only stop here to transit to the nearby historic town of Lugang. From Changhua train station, you can easily walk to most of the sights and restaurants introduced on this page.

The first thing you should do (even before arriving in Changhua) is to book your accommodation. See where I reserve all my hotels in Taiwan!

confucius temple, changhua, taiwanConfucius Temple

Mt. Bagua and the Great Buddha Statue

You've probably seen pictures of this iconic 22m-tall statue in travel books before. It's one of the most recognizable landmarks in Taiwan.

The Great Buddha sits on a lotus flower base on top of Baguashan, or Eight Trigram Mountain. The statue is hollow and you can actually go inside to see colorful dioramas that depict the Buddha's life.

great buddha at baguashanGreat Buddha at Baguashan Changhua

Behind the statue, you'll find the massive Great Buddha Temple. The third floor is a favorite spot to watch the sunset over the city.

If you feel like walking, head east to Baguashan Scenic Area where you'll find walkways, pavilions, coffee shops and even an old military aircraft that you can climb in. On a clear day, you can see as far as Taichung from here.

Confucius Temple - 孔子廟

Changhua's Confucius Temple was built in 1726 and is one of the oldest in Taiwan. It's located right downtown and is surrounded by modern shops, restaurants, traffic, and convenience stores. It is a very photogenic location, especially in the afternoon when the sun faces the temple. 

confucius temple changhuaConfucius Temple's front hall and court

As with most Confucius temples around Taiwan, it is a very quiet place where you won't see worshippers burning stuff, offering goods, or playing loud music or banging gongs and cymbals. The lack of action and noise is really the main reason why I appreciate this place. The architecture is of ancient classical Chinese style. Gorgeous place! Highly recommended.

confucius temple tabletsTablets at Confucius Temple

Rock climbing at Changhua University

If you have your own harness, shoes, rope and quick-draws (minimum 10 of them) this is the place to be on a sunny day! The wall is about 15m high and has 12 lines of solid bolts.

If you don't have your own partner, do not... I repeat: DO NOT join the Taiwanese climbers there unless you have suicidal tendencies!

changhua climbing wallClimbing wall at Changhua Uni

Over the years I have seen the worse climbing practices ever, like very dangerous belay techniques, top roping off a sling (YES!!!), 5 meters of loose rope when the climber is midway... and the list goes onnnnnn.......

The wall is on the grounds of National Changhua Normal University. You can climb here for free. There are no lights at night.

Other attractions in Changhua

If you take a quick look at my Changhua map you will see that there are dozens of temples throughout the city. Walking around the little streets to find them is very interesting.

Yuancing Temple (built in 1763), is one of the most important places of worship for Taiwanese living in Changhua and they come here 7 days a week to burn incense, ghost money, and make offerings such as fruits and beer to ancestors and Chinese gods. Yuancing Temple is only a 2-minute walk from Confucius Temple. 

Yuancing Temple Changhua TaiwanYuancing Temple
door god at yuanqing taoist monastery changhuaDoor god

This temple is also called Yuanqing Taoist Monastery. In the 1763 of the Qing Dynasty, migrants from Quanzhou (Fujian Province) raised the funds to build this Taoist shrine. 
Address: 207, Minsheng Rd., Changhua City

taiwanese woman praying to chinese godsA Taiwanese woman burns incense and prays in front of the main altar

Changhua Food Specialties

Changhua's meatballs 肉圓 are hot! And for some hardcore Taiwanese food lovers, they are the main reason to make it to this part of the island. Bei Men Kou Meatballs is the most famous eatery in town for this local specialty and you can find it at 315, Minsheng Rd., Changhua, not too far from the train station. Find it on my map at the bottom of this page.

Cat Mouse Noodles are also the pride of local residents. And I seriously don't understand why. Really, apart from a creative name, this soup doesn't have much to be excited about. The broth is bland and the noodles are... well... plain white noodles!

Pizza Rock Changhua

Pizza Rock is my own chain of pizzeria in Taiwan and we have a branch in Changhua. We serve thin-crust, stone-baked, Italian pizza, panini, baked pasta, salads, beer, wine, coffee, and imported drinks in a rock and roll themed restaurant. Check it out here!

Accommodation in Changhua

I don't see why anyone would want to sleep in Changhua, when you can just hop on a bus or train to Taichung City, which is just 15 minutes away. There are very few options for nightlife in Changhua. If you have to spend the night here, there are a couple of good hotels / motels in the city and the best place to find deals and make a reservation online is right here from the box below...

Getting There and Away

You can reach Changhua by high-speed train (HSR). From Taipei, it's about 50 minutes and it cost 820NT$ for a reserved seat in economy class.

The normal train (TRA) also has a station right downtown Changhua from where you can reach all the main cities on the west coast of Taiwan such as Kaohsiung, Miaoli, Hsinchu, Tainan, Taoyuan, Taichung, and Taipei.

Map of Changhua

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