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Car Rental in Taichung, Taiwan

Find out how and where to hire a car
in Taichung City!

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Other places to rent a car in Taichung City?

2 other convenient places to rent a car in Taichung, Taiwan, are Taichung International Airport and Taichung High Speed Rail (HSR) Station. The car rental agencies located there are used to deal with English-speaking travelers, and they usually have competitive rates.

Another advantage to renting a car at one of these two locations, is that traffic is not too crazy and getting on the highway is pretty straightforward. If you rent a car in downtown Taichung City, you might find it quite intimidating (if not downright scary) to drive around the busy streets that are mainly labeled in Chinese and where zillions of scooters will be passing you like rockets.

How much is it to rent a vehicle in Taichung?

Like everywhere else in the world, the cost of renting a car or a van in Taichung City will vary according to the type (size) of vehicle you get and the length of your rental. Expect to pay more on weekends. Some places will charge you an extra fee if you drop your car at a different location in Taiwan (like Taipei or Kaohsiung).

Expect to pay around NT$2000 a day for a small 1.5L car. The price can be half that price if you rent for a long period. (30 days or more).

Taichung car rental... What about insurance?

Some credit card companies offer full car-rental insurance if you pay with your credit card. Call them and ask. Most car rental agencies in Taichung offer insurance. Again, ask them to explain you the details of what's covered in English. If in doubt, find a different car leasing company in Taichung.

If you rent a car in Taichung and get in an accident...

If you get into an accident, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE! If you move your car after an accident, it's possible the insurance company won't have to repay the damage. Contact your car leasing company as soon as you can if you're involved in an accident and they'll tell you what to do.

Rent a car in Taichung at your hotel

Many hotels in Taichung (mostly high-end accommodation) can help you to rent a car. I once rented a car in Taichung City at my hotel and it was delivered to me. The hotel staff can help with paper work and can give you directions to places around the city.

Requirements to hire a car in Taichung, Taiwan

To rent a car in Taiwan, you must have an International Driver's License (IDL) accompanied by your passport, or a Taiwanese driver's license accompanied by your resident permit (ARC).