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What's the Capital of Taiwan?

Taipei has been the capital of Taiwan (or Republic of China) since 1949. This huge megapolis is located in the northern part of the island. It's the largest city of the country and one of the most densely populated urban area in the world. Tainan, in the south, also used to be Taiwan's capital.

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Travelers to Asia have been neglecting Taipei for the past four decades because of many misconceptions like:

  • it's only a big, polluted, industrial city,
  • it's too dangerous (China might attack),
  • there is no good sightseeing in town,
  • Beijing and Shanghai are much better cities.

I don't actually live in Taipei (I'm in Taichung, central Taiwan) but I've had the chance to spend a lot of time sightseeing Taiwan's capital and I can guarantee that these misbeliefs couldn't be further from the truth.

Don't believe me? Let me convince you... Check out The Taipei Way, where you can see 30 pictures of the capital.

Here are some facts about the capital of Taiwan:little taiwanese girl

Estimated population of Taipei: 2.6 million.

Population density: 9649 people / sq km

The city covers an area of 271 sq km.

City mayor: Hau Lung-bin (KMT)

Taipei's area code: (02)

10 Most Popular Attractions in Taipei

Taipei 101Chinese girl playing musical instrument

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

National Palace Museum

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Confucius Temple

Baoan Temple

Shilin Nightmarket

Taipei Zoo

Yangmingshan Hot Springs

Longshan Temple

Taipei Travel - The Temples: The capital is littered with religious buildings, colorful shrines and places of pilgrimage.

5 Favorite Taipei Museums:

Astronomical Museum

Museum of Water

228 Memorial Museum

Su Ho Paper Museum

National Taiwan Museum

Visit Museums in Taipei City: Visit the top museums around the capital now! Colorful pictures, maps, and more...

The city is divided into twelve districts:

Chungcheng Dist. (Zhongzheng)shandao temple, taipei

Ta-an District (Daan)

Chungshan Dist. (Zhongshan)

Wen-shan District (Wenshan)

Nan-kang District (Nangang)

Nei-hu District (Neihu)

Wan-hua District (Wanhua)Baoan Temple, Taipei

Ta-tung District (Datong)

Pei-tou District (Beitou)

Sungshan Dist. (Songshan)

Shih-lin District (Shilin)

Hsin-yi District (Xinyi)

You might also want to have a look at:

Taichung: Located in the central part of the island, it's the country's third largest city, nice art museum, lots of green parks, temples, hiking, international restaurants, good weather...

Kaohsiung: Taiwan's second biggest city, located in the southern part of the island, enough attractions to keep you busy for a week, beautiful beaches close by, very hot and humid weather, best shopping after Taipei...

Note: Taipei is often misspelled Taipai, Teipei and Tapei.

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