Baguashan Great Buddha Statue and Temple

Baguashan in Changhua is home to one of the tallest Buddha statues (22m-high) in Taiwan and in the world. Baguashan also has a large temple complex just behind it, as well as some nice parks where you can stroll around. 

baguashan great buddha statueBaguashan Great Buddha Statue
chinese pagoda at baguashanTall pagoda behind the Great Buddha Statue
baguashan changhua taiwanChinese lion guards the entrance to the temple
changhua city taiwanView of Changhua City from the top of Baguashan
statue of a buddha at baguashanStatue of a Buddha inside the Great Buddha Statue

There are rooms inside the Great Buddha Statue at Baguashan. You can visit them and check out some scenes from the life of the Buddha. It's not super interesting, but it's still worth the effort if you're already in the area.

Baguashan Temple

The following pictures were taken at the temple complex behind the Giant Buddha Statue. On weekends, this place is very lively with families and tourists strolling around, paying respect to ancestors, eating traditional snacks, and snapping pictures. On weekdays, the whole place is extremely quiet.  

Chinese Temple behind Baguashan StatueChinese Temple behind the Great Buddha Statue
Chinese god at Baguashan TempleChinese god at Baguashan Temple
chinese lanternChinese paper lantern
Matsu, godess of the seaMatsu, godess of the sea
chinese buddhist godsGolden Buddhas with blue "hair" in the main hall
View of pagoda and Baguashan hillView of a pagoda and Baguashan Hill behind. There are nice walking paths all over that area.

Map of Baguashan

Getting to Baguashan

High-Speed Rail (HSR) or normal train to Changhua, then bus or taxi to Baguashan.

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