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Find Cheap Airfare for Taipei City, in Taiwan

The best airfare for Taipei City, Taiwan, that you'll ever find will come from a lot of research, luck, or simply by checking availability and reserving your plane ticket on a site like CheapoAir.

Whatever you do, here are some tips to get the cheapest airfare possible for Taipei City or other destinations in Taiwan:

Reserve your ticket in advance

Really, this concept is not hard to understand: the more you wait, the less seats are available which creates less supply. Less supply always equals higher prices. So rule #1 to find a cheap airplane ticket for Taiwan is to book as soon as you know your dates.

Travel between Monday and Thursday

Airfare to Taipei will always be more expensive on weekends and that includes Friday. Lots of Taiwanese people work abroad, especially in countries in East and Southeast Asia, and many of them travel back to Taiwan to see their families on weekends.

Cheap Taipei airfare during a holiday? No, no, no!

Should I tell you that airfares to Taipei, Taiwan will be higher during national holidays and festivals? Well, I just did. Just like plane tickets are more expensive during Christmas in the west, the same applies in Taiwan during the Chinese New Year Festival and other major festivities.

Search online

Travel agents can't get you the cheapest airfare to Taipei City because they have to make a commission on each ticket they sell. Cut the middleman and do check fares, availability, and reserve your plane ticket to Taipei by yourself. Take the time to see what different airlines have to offer.

As I mentioned earlier, I usually use CheapoAir.com to find discounts on airfare.

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