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Accommodation in Taiwan

An introduction to places to stay in Taiwan

accommodation-in-taiwanWhere can you sleep in big Taiwanese cities like Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung? Do you need to make a reservations for hotels? Are there cheap hostels in Taiwan? What are your options for spending a night in the mountains? How about camping in Taiwan? How much should you expect to pay? Get answers now about accommodation in Taiwan.

Taiwan Accommodation - Plentiful!

Staying a night, a few, or several in Taiwan runs the gamut from some of the most luxurious hotels in Asia, to cockroach-infested beds, to comfortable hostels, to quaint mountainside resorts and quite a lot in between. There's also always the option of the love motels, the one-night stand factories for Taiwanese youths who otherwise spend the night with their families in the houses where they grew up.

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Luxurious Accommodation in Taiwan

taiwan-accommodationThose looking to live it up on the higher-end will be more than satisfied in Taiwan's cities, increasingly global destinations. Places like Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung offer the familiar 5-star names like Sheraton, Hyatt and Shangri-La. Generally speaking, though, unless you are looking for a particularly over-the-top experience in Asian hospitality and luxury, local alternatives to the internationally-famous names are more affordable and comparably comfortable.

Mid-Range Accommodation in Taiwan

As for the mid-range accommodation in Taiwan, one of the first things you'll notice when you exit a taxi, bus or train in any decent-sized city in Taiwan is an amalgam of neon lights flashing "HOTEL" at you, most likely against your will.

Because these can vary greatly in price, reputation and comfort, and because there is little in the name of non-Chinese language information available online, you have to find your own way a bit. Fear not, however, because Taiwan makes this dramatically easier than other destinations. You can ask taxi drivers, tourist information centers or even random people on the street and they can generally give you the most reputable hotels or those most commonly used by foreigners.

Also, if you simply go into any hotel in Taiwan they will most likely be happy to show you a room or two, discuss the accommodations, and they rarely if ever will try to give you an unfair price.

Reserve a mid-range hotels in Taiwan.

Cheap Accommodation in Taiwan

Don't arrive expecting to find endless quaint and affordable hostels, as you might if you were backpacking around Europe. However, there is plenty for whatever you're going for in terms of price, comfort, convenience and so on.

Cheap accommodation in Taiwan, guest houses and hostels aren't everywhere, but they definitely exist and will suit your needs well. The Taiwan Youth Hostel Association has an English version of their website with a convenient hostel search function. Couchsurfing is also reliable option for those who want to stay for the price of free.

Click here to see cheap hostels in Taiwan.

Camping in Taiwan

Another alternative for those looking to save on cash - or to get a more intimate look into Taiwan's natural beauty - is camping. Camping is a common practice among both locals and expatriates, and is definitely recommended as Taiwan is one of the few places left in the world where the tourism industry hasn't yet sucked the life out of staying a night with nature.

Homestays and Bed and Breakfasts

If you want to get to know some locals and experience firsthand the accommodating spirit of Taiwanese people, Bed and Breakfasts and homestays are also available, though they may require a bit more digging to find. This is my favorite homestay in Taiwan! It's on the east coast between mountains and sea, and it is owned by the friendliest people you've ever met.

Finding Accommodation in Taiwan Online

My favorite place - online - to find accommodation in Taiwan and make hotel reservations is HotelsCombined.com. Their website is very easy to use. I've made reservations for lots of hotels in Taiwan with them and never had any problems.

If you're looking for a cheap, budget hostel in Taiwan, check out HostelWorld.com You might not be able to find much in rural areas, but there are some decent, cheap hostels that are listed in the bigger Taiwanese cities.

Finding Accommodations in Taiwan... on the road

Having a written Chinese version of the places you are staying or want to go will be outstandingly helpful as the language is notoriously difficult to pronounce, and many destinations have Western names that are completely different from the Chinese.

It would be wise to print some of these names out or get a Chinese-speaking friend to write them down for you, so you can simply point rather than attempt to explain something in broken English to a cab driver (which almost never works).

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